• Welcome to Astrea Academy Woodfields

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Welcome to Astrea Academy Woodfields

Our vision is ‘to provide an exceptional, knowledge rich educational experience to ensure all students succeed’

Our five core values are:

At Astrea Academy Woodfields, we believe that every single students is capable of outstanding academic achievements. We promote scholarship by offering a curriculum which is rich in powerful knowledge and meticulously planned by subject experts. We know that powerful knowledge is the key that will open powerful doors for our students in the future. Therefore, we are relentlessly committed to delivering exceptional lessons in every classroom, every day.

We respect every students’ right to access an exceptional education and offer academic, inspiring and broad opportunities for all through both our curriculum and co-curriculum. We teach our young people to be responsible through our thoughtful character education programme and essential habit building work. Our students respect everyone in our academy’s community and grow their responsibility, knowing that they are the leaders of tomorrow.

We are tenacious in our commitment to do the very best for the young people in our care and this tenacity is mirrored in the way that our students work on their academic and character education every day.

We foster curiosity in our young people by providing them with a rounded education which opens doors to new opportunities, ideas and experiences. Our classrooms are filled with the awe and wonder that is comes from the joy of learning.

If you are interested in coming to see more of what we do, then please email office@astreawoodfields,org to arrange a visit.

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