Academy Vision and Values

Our vision is to become a centre of excellence where all students are supported and challenged to achieve their full potential and to develop as well-rounded individuals who have a love of learning and become confident and responsible members of 21st Century Britain. Our commitment towards this vision can be seen through our five values.


We will be informed by the best of academic and organisational thinking and research, using this where we can and expanding it where possible.


We will ask searching questions, not take things on face value, seek out the best of what is known and engage in appreciative enquiry.


We will deliver on our promises and see things through to completion. We will embody pace, urgency and determination in our focus on improving outcomes for children and on our own performance.


We are responsible for ourselves, the choices we make and our learning. In addition we are responsible for others in our local community and we have a responsibility for our global community and the environment.


We have regard for the feeling, needs, wishes and rights of others. Respect is shown by being thoughtful, alert, polite and courteous. It is developed between people as we give and are shown respect in return.

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