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Academy Day 2020-21 Consultation

Dear Parent / Carer,
We write to consult with you regarding a proposed change to the Academy day starting September 2020.
The Academy day would start as it does now at 08:30am, however would finish at 14:40pm. This has been achieved through NO reduction in learning time, but by reducing the length of lunch time and break time.
Having successfully trialled a ‘split lunch’ last term, we are planning to split both lunchtime and breaktime next academic year.
Having smaller groups of students out at social times has ensured that students have been served lunch quickly, with reduced queue times and in a calm and orderly manner. Our new dining hall also provides enough seating for all children during the cold and wet weather and we saw a clear reduction in any incidents during social times throughout the trial. Furthermore, to support our new Year 7 students’ transition to Secondary school, the split lunch will also allows year 7 students to have lunch by themselves without the crowds of older children.
With smaller numbers eating lunch at anyone time we do not need the current 45mins to serve all students in the school, therefore we are proposing a lunchtime of 30mins for all students.
Finally, with the Academy finishing at 14:40pm provides the additional peace of mind for parents of younger students walking home when darker nights set in.
Please see the Academy Day below. As we truly value your opinion, would be grateful if you would complete this short survey. https://bit.ly/2xBXgE0
Parental consultation will close on 15th June 2020.
Kind regards,

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