Aims & Delivery

Aims of our careers programme (based on the eight Gatsby benchmark targets in bold):

  1. To design a stable careers programme from Year 7 to 13 providing all students with CEIAG.
  2. To learn from career and labour market information through targeted CEIAG and use of LMI in the careers programme.
  3. To address the needs of each pupil through targeted IAG depending on personal need and education and career intentions/aspirations.
  4. To link curriculum learning to careers by designing opportunities for Employability and Enterprise within the curriculum and contact with employers, particularly within the vocational curriculum.
  5. To design encounters with employers and employees through opportunities within the curriculum. We aim to provide students with at least four encounters with employers at each key stage.
  6. To enable experiences of workplaces through workplace visits, work placements (for selected students) and work experience.
  7. To design encounters with further and higher education through opportunities within the curriculum for Years 7 to 13, particularly the Shine Programme and our Scholars Programme.
  8. To provide personal guidance [independent and impartial] to all students, particularly those in Years 10 to 13.
    Alongside timetabled lessons, Years 7 to 13 follow a careers programme that is based on five key areas. Our careers programme is delivered through our tutor time provision and timetabled lessons within the curriculum.

The five key areas of our programme are:

  1. Careers education
  2. Careers information
  3. Careers advice and guidance
  4. Work-Related Learning (WRL)
  5. Employability and Enterprise (E&E)
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