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Modern Foreign Languages

Subject Leader: Miss M Capaces

The languages department is composed of a team of enthusiastic linguists who have excellent knowledge of their subject. Our goal is to impart a love of languages to all students, using skilful teaching and learning techniques to enable all students to access the language curriculum.

We are proud of the diverse range of languages brought to Astrea Woodfields by all its students, and are enthusiastic about promoting and celebrating this diversity. As a result, we strive to ensure that all students gain a richer appreciation of modern foreign languages and deepen their understanding of different cultures during their time here.

For any further discussion about the languages department and curriculum, please contact the Subject Leader on

Languages Staff

  • Subject Leader – Miss M Capaces
  • Teacher of MFL – Ms R Hodgson
  • National Lead for MFL – Mr M Neesam

Key Stage 3

Students start studying Spanish in Year 7, beginning by learning simple vocabulary and grammar to enable them to communicate effectively in another language, whilst also gaining an appreciation of Spanish culture and practices. Lessons are designed to engage students by presenting language learning in an enjoyable, yet thorough, way using a wide variety of activities. Continuing into Year 8, students will develop their Spanish vocabulary and grammar further, whilst improving the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills that are essential for a fundamental understanding of the language and further progression onto GCSE.

Key Stage 4

Students currently study either French or Spanish at GCSE, following the AQA course for each language. Both languages are taught by subject specialists, and lessons are structured to cover the full range of skills required for the reading, writing, speaking and listening components of the GCSE exam.

More information is available on on the AQA website for GCSE French and GCSE Spanish.

We also offer some provision for select students to sit additional GCSE qualifications in their home language, as deemed appropriate following discussion with the languages team.


Year 7 & 8

  • Vocabulary revision
  • One piece of extended work per half term

Year 9 & 10

  • One piece of homework per week (this can be exam paper questions, vocabulary learning, or grammar-based tasks)

Year 11

  • Weekly vocabulary test
  • Weekly piece of extended writing (one of either: 90 word essay, 150 word essay, 40 word essay, translations, or description of photos, in accordance with the specification)
  • Ongoing completion and revision of speaking booklets