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Religious Studies

Curriculum Leader: Mrs N Forrest

We are proud of our school’s cultural and religious diversity, and believe it is important for social cohesion to have an understanding of the communities of which we are all a part. Therefore, within the RS curriculum we have a fully inclusive approach to religious and secular views with the aim to empower all our learners to hold informed opinions, which they will be able to express with clarity, sensitivity and conviction. Moreover, our students will reciprocate a mutual respect for their own and others beliefs.

RS Staff

  • Mrs N Forrest – Head of Faculty for Humanities, Curriculum leader for RS
  • Mrs L Clarke – Teacher of RS
  • Mrs S Parton – Teacher of RS

Key Stage 3

Students will begin looking at the different religions present in our own community, including religious places of worship, traditions and denominations. We will look at how the media represents religion and challenge stereotypes – considering how the UK has benefitted from religious freedom and cultural diversity. The curriculum will progress to explore, analyse and evaluate faith and non-faith views on a variety of moral and ethical issues; including family life, medical ethics and how life began. While discovering that the core values of religious and non-religious groups are all very similar, our students will be able to uncover the differences which may inform the way in which we choose to live our lives.

This course is currently a non-examined subject.


Students will receive regular homework with the aim to consolidate and expand learning as well as preparing for new learning.