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Subject Leader: Mr G Taylor

The science department has a dedicated and supportive ethos with an unrivalled sense of team spirit. We are committed to teaching and learning and aim to promote innovative practice, both in terms of our teaching and our use of practical activities to enhance learning.

The science team have a collective commitment to raise aspirations and stimulate and maintain students’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment in science. We are committed to providing an exciting varied and challenging experience of science for all students.

We place particular emphasis on learning through practical investigations and on collaborative learning. We also place huge importance on developing independent, analytical and critical thinking. In short we aim to inspire and enthuse students and to motivate them to continue into scientific careers once they have left Astrea Academy Woodfields.

Science Staff

  • Subject Leader – Mr G Taylor
  • Deputy Subject Leader – Mr R Gray
  • Director of Science – Miss A Davies
  • Teacher of Science – Miss V Fowler
  • Teacher of Science – Miss R Sefton
  • Teacher of Science – Miss N Cassell
  • Senior Science Technician – Miss M Toop

Resources and Facilities

The faculty has six large, fully equipped laboratories, with state of the art facilities. Each laboratory has a large interactive smart display board, complete with a range of science specific software. A wireless suite of iPads is also available in the department along with an extensive range of data logging equipment.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7 the emphasis is initially upon transition from KS2 and then building the knowledge bank and skillset for the rigors of KS4 Science. We begin by building upon the key ideas covered in primary school such as energy and forces, understanding life processes and simple chemical reactions.

Throughout Years 8 students will be taught further topics in biology, chemistry and physics in order to provide an ideal foundation for progression to GCSE Sciences. Practical work forms an integral part of the learning experience at KS3 enabling students to develop not only their scientific knowledge and understanding but also their practical skills.

Key Stage 4

At KS4 students are taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics via the new AQA Trilogy Combined GCSE which combines all three areas of science and leads to two GCSE grades. Wherever possible students are taught by subject specialists with a varied and exciting approach adopted in lessons.

More information is available on AQA’s website


Year 7 & 8

  • Project/extended piece of homework per half term – students to choose from 3 options.

Year 9

  • 1 x Exam style question or other task relevant to the learning per week.

Year 10 & 11

  • 1 x Bio per week
  • 1 x Chem per week
  • 1 x Physics per week
  • Exam style question or other task relevant to the learning