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Curriculum Leader: Mrs S Parton

Sociology helps students to make sense of the complex society in which we live – providing a variety of perspectives and asking deeply rooted questions. These questions will include ‘what is the cause of crime?’, ‘is everyone treated fairly?’ and ‘how does our upbringing impact upon our lives?’ Students will consider how sociologists research these areas and in addressing these questions we investigate issues relating to social class, age, gender and ethnicity. Throughout the course students will develop many transferable and highly sought-after skills such as the ability to provide evidence based research and arguments; investigate facts and use deduction; critically analyse and evaluate; empathise and understand others.

Sociology Staff

  • Mrs S Parton – Curriculum Leader

Key Stage 3

This Subject is not available as at Key Stage 3 subject

Key Stage 4

Sociology is a subject option available at GCSE level. Following the AQA specification, the students will be tested via two examination papers at the end of Year 11, testing their knowledge and skill sets. In Year 9 students will firstly be introduced to the key theories and concepts which underpin the whole of the course, followed by the Families module and sociological research methods which is a common thread throughout the course. Year 10, we begin with the Education module before beginning work on paper 2 – Crime and Deviance. Finally, in Year 11, we will complete our final module of Social Stratification before beginning a period of revision ahead of the summer examinations.

If our sociology students wish to continue their studies post GSCE, they will encounter a smooth transition into a variety of social science A’ Level and/or BTEC qualifications. Sociology is a subject which lends itself to many careers including, but not limited to, the criminal justice system, education, social work, the NSH, journalism, politics and research – it is a truly versatile subject for anyone with an interest in people and an inquisitive mind.


Home learning will be set regularly in Sociology with the aim to consolidate and extend learning, practice examination skills or inform new learning.


Students have access to catch up/revision session after school on a weekly basis. These have proved vital in allowing students access to bespoke intervention and is currently attended well, on a voluntary basis.