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Subject Leader: Miss M. Coffield

In English we aim to fuse the love and value of reading with the functional skills required for life. Students have the opportunity to develop and expand their knowledge and skills of reading and writing through a diverse study of Literature and Language texts. The English curriculum at Astrea Academy Woodfields is exciting, enjoyable, and varied. We strive as a team to encourage creative, analytical and evaluative thinking that translate into real-world scenarios and affect every subject your child will study.

English Staff

  • Subject Leader – Miss M Coffield
  • KS4 Leader- Ms S. Khan
  • KS3 Leader-
  • Literacy and Curriculum Development Leader – Miss N. Skill
  • Teacher of English – Miss J.Kitchen
  • Teacher of English – Miss H. Wragg


In English we aim to develop:


  • an appreciation and understanding of the English language
  • a love of literature (poetry, plays, and novels)
  • communication skills (both speaking and listening)
  • reading comprehension
  • technical accuracy (spelling, punctuation, and grammar)
  • writing skills (creative, letter, argument, persuasion, etc.)


English Curriculum Map 2019-20