Curriculum Leader: Mr R Ayres 


We believe in the importance of teaching young people about religion, but also helping them to explore and analyse their own beliefs, values and ethics.  In order to reflect this, our RE curriculum is structured to follow a “worldviews” approach, guided by the findings of Ofsted’s RE Research Review. In Religious Education, we aim to produce knowledgeable, inquisitive, empathetic scholars, who are self-aware as well as aware of the worldviews they live alongside.  Our aim is for scholars to leave us with a strong understanding of different worldviews, cultures, religions and people.  We promote religious and social tolerance, tolerance and acceptance, and social cohesion.  RE should also help our scholars to understand how faith and religion shapes our world and has shaped the past.  Scholars are also encouraged to think critically about their own beliefs and the beliefs of others, including how the beliefs and values of different worldviews have shaped society and the world around them.   


RE Staff 

  • Mr R Ayres
  • Mr J Moran (Teach First)
  • Mrs V Gibson
  • Ms A Rose
  • Miss A Kelshaw
  • Mr J Gittins
  • Ms S Ibrahim
  • Ms N Porteous
  • Mr N Glynn-Jones
  • Mr C Jurevicius

Religious Education curriculum map 2023-24

RE Curriculum Map 2023-2024

Religious Education Key Themes map 2023-24

RE Key Theme Mapping 2022-2025

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