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Subject Leader: Miss M Capaces

The languages department is composed of a team of enthusiastic linguists who have excellent knowledge of their subject. Our goal is to impart a love of languages to all students, using skilful teaching and learning techniques to enable all students to access and succeed in the language curriculum.

We place particular emphasis on learning through interactive activities and through the practice of the four main languages skills (speaking, reading, writing and listening), enabling students to develop and recognise their progress in the subject. At KS3, all students at Woodfields begin by learning Spanish and, over a three-year curriculum, develop the ability to discuss a varied range of topics in this language. At KS4, students can currently opt for Spanish and/or French, where they develop their knowledge of the language further in order to achieve a GCSE qualification. In addition, we celebrate students’ home and first languages, and support them in achieving additional qualifications whenever possible.

We are proud of the diverse range of languages brought to Astrea Woodfields by all its students, and are enthusiastic about promoting and celebrating this diversity. As a result, we strive to ensure that all students gain a richer appreciation of modern foreign languages and deepen their understanding of different cultures during their time here.

Languages Staff

  • Subject Leader – Miss M Capaces
  • Teacher of Spanish / French – Miss R Hodgson
  • Teacher of Spanish – Mr C Leffler

Languages curriculum map 2019-2020