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Subject Leader: Mr. I. Thomas

The Design and Technology Faculty consists of a team of dedicated and specialist teachers. The team prides itself on the power of its positive and productive relationships with students. There is a deep love of the subject within the team that is fully utilised in the planning, preparing and delivering of high quality lessons. We strive for the highest standards of teaching and learning with all students and draw on vast experiences from both within the teaching profession and from a range of industrial knowledge.

The latest technologies and innovations are used, as well as current news and events to stimulate and inspire students. We endeavour to ensure that our students grow to be prepared for the modern world and are able to use their knowledge and experiences, not just in a career within technology but in life in general.

The natural way that the subject lends itself to problem-solving is exploited at every opportunity to ensure that students develop the necessary life skills for whichever life they lead. Practical work is used to enhance problem-solving but also to refine understanding of theoretical material and create a good grounding for future lives. Real-life situations and problems are used to provide the opportunity to design and model solutions. Essential collaborative skills are developed as well as independent learning and investigation.

With these skills, our young people develop the confidence to explore the world and society around them. We assure them that they are the generation that will enhance the human world, to solve its many problems and to ensure safe and healthy progress.

Design and Technology Staff

  • Subject Leader – Mr I. Thomas
  • Teacher of Design and Technology; Food Technology; Health and Social Care; Construction – Mrs A. Duffield
  • Teacher of Design and Technology; Construction – Mr A. Hartley
  • DT Technician – To be appointed

Resources and Facilities

The faculty currently has four large classrooms including a workshop and a Food preparation room. The rooms are well-equipped with a variety of machines including a laser cutter and router.

Design and Technology Curriculum Map 2019-20