Staff at the Academy

Senior Leadership Team

Mr D Scales – Principal

Mrs J Atkins – Vice Principal

Mr A Hartley – Vice Principal

Mr J Furness – Vice Principal

Mr J Myhill-Johnson – Associate Vice Principal

Mr L Sadler – Assistant Principal

Miss J Bain – Assistant Principal

Mrs E Robinson – Assistant Principal

Extended Leadership Team

Mrs K Haughian – Operations Manager

Mrs J Boulter – SENCO

Ms L Bland – Designated Safeguarding Lead

Pastoral Team

Mrs A Taylor – Pastoral Manager

Mr R Stringer – Behaviour Manager

Miss A Fielding – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss C Cooper – Year 7 Pastoral Leader

Miss R Harvey – Year 8 Pastoral Leader

Miss R King – Year 9 Pastoral Leader

Ms J Renshaw – Year 10 Pastoral Leader

Miss H Sowden – Year 11 Pastoral Leader

Miss J Bain – Sixth Form Pastoral Leader / Assistant Principal

English Department

Mrs M Coffield – Curriculum Leader

Ms N Skill – Lead Practitioner and Literacy Co-Ordinator

Ms C Andrews – Curriculum Development Co-Ordinator

Mr C Jurevicius – Teacher of English

Ms S Hussian – Teacher of English

Maths Department

Mr L Sanders – Curriculum Leader

Mr P Newton – Teacher of Maths

Mr S Whitter – Teacher of Maths

Mr W Chiwarawara – Teacher of Maths

Mr A Corbeanu – Teacher of Maths

Science Department

Mrs L Owen – Curriculum Leader

Ms Z Elson – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mrs V Gibson – Teacher of Science

Mr J Oliver – Teacher of Science

Mr J Furness – Vice Principal / Teacher of Science

Mr D Scales – Vice Principal / Teacher of Science

History Department

Mrs J Roe – Curriculum Leader

Miss S Milburn – Teacher of History

Geography Department

Mr P Roberts – Temporary Curriculum Leader

Maternity Cover – Teacher of Geography

MFL Department

Mrs S Bouclier – Curriculum Leader

Miss E Meadows – Teacher of Spanish

Art Department

Mrs P Ward – Curriculum Leader

Technology Department

Mrs A Duffield – Curriculum Leader

Vacancy – Teacher of Technology

Performing Arts Department

Vacancy – Curriculum Leader

Mr B Waggot – Teacher of Music

Miss L Geldart – Teacher of Dance

PE Department

Mr S McClue – Curriculum Leader

Mr B Hall – Teacher of PE

Mr J Gittins – Teacher of PE

Miss L Geldart – Teacher of PE

Miss J Bain – Teacher of PE / Assistant Principal

PHSE / RE Department

Mr J Gittins – Curriculum Leader

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