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Subject Leader: Mrs J. Atkins

The Drama faculty consists of a team of dedicated and specialist teachers. The staff in the faculty prides itself on exceptionally high quality work and positive relationships with the students. There is a passion for the subject which is clear in the planning and delivering of the lessons throughout the KS3 and KS4 curriculum. Within the department we strive for the highest standards from all students and draw on knowledge from within teaching and from a range of outside knowledge from staff who have been industry professionals.

We explore the latest forms and styles of theatre and use it to inform planning and the schemes of work covered. There is access to a range of streamed theatre to inspire our students and the work they produce. We endeavour to ensure that our students excel in the subject, so the transferable skills it provides are able to prepare them for the world outside of school, not only in a career within the field, but life in general.

Drama lends itself to evaluation, critical thinking and problem-solving both in a group and individual scenario and this is made full use of at every opportunity to ensure students develop these skills that will help them across the curriculum and in their wider lives.

Our students, with the skills that they gain from the subject, will gain the confidence to explore various subjects and the society and world around them.

Drama Staff

  • Subject Leader – Mrs J. Atkins
  • Teacher of Drama – Miss L. Deane
  • Teacher of Drama – Miss H. Wragg

Resources and Facilities

The faculty currently has three large classrooms including a blacked out studio with access to lighting, projection and sound, a well-lit rehearsal space and a theory based classroom.

Drama Curriculum Map 2020-21